Retail organizations often operate and manage highly distributed and complex computing networks with many physical points-of-presence and Point of Sale (POS) terminals. Sitting at the very edge of the network, POS terminals are vulnerable to a litany of the most debilitating cyber-attacks.

By collecting and analyzing NetFlow from existing network infrastructure, Lancope’s StealthWatch System allows retailers to economically monitor hundreds of remote stores and POS systems in real time without having to install an expensive security appliance at each location. This comprehensive, in-depth visibility results in dramatically improved threat detection and incident response.

The StealthWatch System enables retail organizations to swiftly detect a wide variety of attacks that bypass conventional security defenses  – including malware, APTs, insider threats and DDoS – before they result in reputation-damaging data loss or disrupt business operations. Additionally, unlike packet captures, NetFlow data can realistically be stored for months, making it invaluable for obtaining thorough network audit trails that can be used to conduct forensic investigations into previous incidents.

The StealthWatch System includes several key features that help retailers closely monitor POS systems and detect anomalous activity, including alarms that automatically alert administrators to suspected data hoarding or exfiltration.

In addition to vastly improving security, the StealthWatch System delivers the levels of visibility, accountability and measurability required for retailers to confidently demonstrate compliance with PCI and other industry regulations. The system also enhances network performance by providing valuable insight into traffic patterns and bandwidth utilization across the entire organization.

Jan 28, 2015

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