NetFlow Security Monitoring For Dummies

Improve Network Security and Visibility

Learn how leveraging NetFlow helps organization's detect the full spectrum of network and security issues - from advanced persistent threats to data loss to insider attacks. 

Comprehensive, continuous monitoring
Intellecutal property protection
Identity awareness
Firewall auditing
Remote store/branch office security

APT / Worm / Virus identification
Mobile device security
Application awareness
Policy enforcement
Compliance (PCI, SCADA, HIPPA)


Dummies Guy

Download "NetFlow Security Monitoring For Dummies" and learn:

  • Information on the role that NetFlow intelligence plays in a network security infrastructure
  • How to use NetFow to adapt security controls in the face of evolving network demands
  • Best practices for developing and implementing a scalable NetFlow-based monitoring and analysis strategy
  • How to correlate NetFlow records with information from other systems
  • Top ten reasons to use NetFlow for security


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“NetFlow is an extremely useful and underused tool for maintaining and troubleshooting enterprise networks. Lancope captures the full power of NetFlow without requiring extensive time or resources from IT teams. In-depth flow data, application analysis and an easy-to-understand, graphical user interface make StealthWatch 6.0 a versatile tool for monitoring and responding to a wide variety of incidents.”


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