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Look through our NetFlow for Dummies books to take your NetFlow knowledge and security processes to the next level.

NEW - Incident Response with NetFlow For Dummies

  • How NetFlow combats the modern threat landscape and addresses emerging IT trends
  • Best practices for building an effective incident response team, process, and toolkit
  • How to use NetFlow to align incident response along the kill chain
  • How NetFlow fills the visibility gap for faster incident response

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Incident Response with NetFlow for Dummies

NetFlow Security Monitoring For Dummies

  • Information on the role that NetFlow intelligence plays in a network security infrastructure
  • How to use NetFow to adapt security controls in the face of evolving network demands
  • Best practices for developing and implementing a scalable NetFlow-based monitoring and analysis strategy
  • How to correlate NetFlow records with information from other systems
  • Top ten reasons to use NetFlow for security

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NetFlow Security Monitoring for Dummies