The Lancope StealthWatch System

The StealthWatch System meets the needs of security, network and datacenter administrators with a single platform that provides integrated network intelligence for all parties.

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  • StealthWatch FlowCollector

    • Collect NetFlow with NBAR, cFlow, J-Flow,
      Packeteer-2, NetStream, IPFIX and sFlow
    • Scalable up to 120,000 FPS per collector
    • Flow deduplication
  • StealthWatch IDentity

    • Advanced user identity tracking
    • Map IP to ID
    • Support for AD and other identity stores
    • DHCP monitoring
  • StealthWatch FlowReplicator

    • Aggregate flows from multiple locations
    • Replicate flows to multiple devices
    • NetFlow, sFlow, syslog, SNMP traps
  • SLIC Threat Feed

    • Leverages global threat intelligence
    • Monitors for known C&C servers
    • Additional layer of protection from advanced malware

Explore the capabilities of StealthWatch's scalable, three-tiered architecture, which includes physical and virtual sensors, flow collectors and the management console.

Leveraging NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX and packet capture, the StealthWatch System combines flow-based anomaly detection and network performance monitoring into a single, integrated enterprise platform for security and network operations. By delivering unified visibility across physical and virtual networks, StealthWatch eliminates network blind spots and reduces total network and security management costs.