Professional Services
Through in-depth expertise, the Lancope Professional Services team enables customers to enhance security intelligence, optimize network performance and increase return on investment. Lancope offers a full range of comprehensive services including:
  • Health Check and Tuning provides customers with the ability to have their StealthWatch system verified for proper operation and tuned to increase the fidelity of alarms for increased operational efficiency.
  • Through the Host Group Automation service, Lancope enables customers to automatically synchronize Host Groups with data from their authoritative IP address management system.
  • The Initial Installation service enabling network and security teams to closely align StealthWatch with their overall security strategy and business objectives.
  • Proxy Integration extends network visibility into stitched flows between internal clients and outside web servers.
  • StealthWatch Training, delivering all there is to know about designing, deploying, operating and maintaining StealthWatch for maximum results and ROI.

The Lancope Difference

Lancope professionals and certified partners offer years of experience designing, deploying and managing the StealthWatch product family. With broad customer and industry experience, the Lancope Professional Services team helps organizations optimize StealthWatch deployments to meet specific business requirements, increase productivity and reduce risk. A unique combination of network and security skills enables the team to quickly and effectively implement StealthWatch to meet the intense demands of today’s advanced cyber threat environment.

Contact your Lancope Sales Representative, Lancope Certified Partner or for more information including pricing and minimum requirements.