Replacement Program

StealthWatch Product Replacement Program

Before you make any additional investments in probes, IDS/IPS, homegrown or low-end flow monitoring technologies, consider the alternative. Through the StealthWatch Product Replacement Program from Lancope, you can extend your network visibility and gain substantially more security, network and application performance benefits with StealthWatch, the award-winning solution for NetFlow collection and analysis.

With custom offerings tailored to meet the specific needs of your team, environment and budget, you can easily replace your existing equipment with StealthWatch. Not only will you gain comprehensive network visibility across physical and virtual networks, but also StealthWatch will give you actionable insight to know your network and run your business better.

Discover how you can eliminate network blind spots and reduce total network and security management costs with StealthWatch.

The StealthWatch System

actionable insight to help you know your network and run your business

Stealthwatch System