Case Study

Central Michigan University

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Higher Education

Business Challenge

Central Michigan University supports roughly 30,000 users and a campus supporting modern technology and state-of-the-art facilities making optimal network security and performance very critical. Each year the university experiences 125 percent increase in the number of mobile devices on its network.

Network and security teams required greater visibility of internal and external traffic and a faster way to elevate security concerns from a vast number of flows. CMU also needed a solution to integrate with its Network Access Control system and replace its custom-built NetFlow™ analysis system, which mainly provides traffic summaries.


Business Results

CMU deployed StealthWatch to:

  • Enhance visibility across its entire network
  • Leverage NetFlow to monitor its 100 percent Cisco network infrastructure using NetFlow
  • Improve security decision-making
  • Detect and mitigate external threats
  • Monitor and detect anomalies on internal hosts