Industry Report

Lancope’s StealthWatch: Aligning Performance Monitoring with Business Value and Priorities

Analyst:  Jim Frey, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) 

Title:  “Lancope's StealthWatch System: Aligning Network, Security, and Application Performance Monitoring with Business Value and Priorities”

Summary:  A constant challenge for IT management is linking the priorities of the businesses and organizations they serve with the day-to-day operational practices of IT staff. This is particularly true when it comes to those responsible for security and infrastructure management, who are often a step or two back from the front lines of support. A potential key to success lays in leveraging application-aware flow data, such as NetFlow, which can be collected from the network infrastructure and used for improving the effectiveness and business-alignment of network security and network performance managers. In fact, flow-based monitoring holds specific advantages for filling gaps in visibility, delivering valuable intelligence to supplement traditional IDS/IPS perimeter protection as well as application performance management. With the 6.0 release of its StealthWatch System, Lancope has introduced significant new capabilities that improve the positive impact operations teams can have by being more efficiently responsive and increasingly proactive in assuring the integrity of IT services and applications.