Industry Report

Enterprises in Denial Regarding Network Security

Lancope recently conducted a survey of IT/security professionals at a large technology conference in Europe. According to the survey, many organizations are in denial when it comes to the security of their IT infrastructure. Results revealed that nearly two-thirds of organizations believe that they have not experienced any security incidents over the last 12-18 months, or are unsure whether they have or not.

According to Lancope's director of security research, Tom Cross, “A false sense of security may be a product of some of the security tools that organizations are relying on. A traditional approach to protecting enterprise networks involves the use of commercial, endpoint antivirus software, coupled with perimeter defenses such as network intrusion prevention systems (IPS) that are designed to detect known attacks. The fact is that attackers know this formula – they test their malware against commercial security solutions before distributing it, making sure that it will not be detected."