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The Network Security School of Fort Knox

Taking a page from physical security to defend against elite threats

There are no phrases that inspire thoughts of impenetrable security more than “Fort Knox.” Like most networks today, Fort Knox boasts a hardened layer of perimeter security to keep outsiders from intruding, however, the top threat to the facility is not outsiders, but malicious insiders. The facility therefore also needs to monitor for suspicious activities being conducted inside its gates, just as IT administrators should be doing on their internal networks.

Join Lancope to discover how collecting and analyzing NetFlow can provide the comprehensive network visibility needed to swiftly detect malicious traffic inside the network, including botnets, insider attacks and APTs.

Learn about:

  • The various types of attacks and attackers infiltrating today’s networks
  • The security gaps left by perimeter- and signature-based defenses
  • How to strengthen network security with internal monitoring
  • How to turn loads of network data into actionable intelligence

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