United States Federal Government


Federal organizations are particularly prone to cyber attacks, and have a great deal to lose in the event of an incident. As recently evidenced by the WikiLeaks scandal, perimeter security is no longer enough to protect federal agencies from increasingly sophisticated attacks. While required to comply with government initiatives such as FISMA/NIST and the CNCI, this federal organization’s chief security architect wanted to go above and beyond simply adhering to standards to truly bolster his organization’s security posture. With responsibility for securing more than 28,000 assets over 900 locations, he had his work cut out for him. “There is a difference between reacting and hunting,” he said. “If you’re reacting, you’re done. We knew we had to go hunting, and that meant we had to do things differently.” 



StealthWatch® has enabled this federal organization to: 

  • Increase network visibility and situational awareness 
  • Achieve an effective defense-in-depth security strategy 
  • Expedite incident response 
  • Go above and beyond compliance requirements to significantly bolster security 
  • Avoid becoming the victim of high-profile cyber attacks