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Charles Herring presents a webinar about the reality of insider threat on your network. From the Lancope webinar series.

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Webinar: The Seven Deadly Sins of Incident Response

Learn about all seven sins and discover best practices for improved incident response. 

Protecting Financial Networks from Cyber Crime 10AM EDT 20140729 1400 1

Financial services organizations are prime targets for cyber criminals. They must take extreme care to protect customer data, while also ensuring high levels of network availability to allow for 24/7 access to critical financial information. Additionally, industry consolidation has created large...

Needs of a Modern Incident Response Program

Recent high-profile data breaches highlight a dire need for improved incident response. Despite this fact, a recent survey indicated that typically, less than 10 percent of organizations’ security budgets are used for incident response activities.

So how do we beef up incident response?...

Securing the Data Center Webinar

In light of the constant wave of security breaches making headlines around the world, many organizations are bolstering their network defenses with perimeter- and signature-based technologies. Unfortunately, these tools provide little protection for the data center where the majority of...

Insider Threat: Hunting for Authorized Evil

Despite the fact that external attacks often get more attention in the media, recent data is proving that the threat posed by malicious, negligent or compromised insiders is indeed very real.

The best way to detect and prevent...

Exclusive Look at StealthWatch System v6 5 Release 20140417 1400 1

Lancope’s latest release includes an intuitive Web interface and sophisticated alarming capabilities for enhanced usability, security analytics and early threat detection. The new version further improves incident response and network forensics for fending off today’s advanced attacks. Specific...

The OODA Loop: A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

A holistic approach to cyber security is one that includes the threat actors, advance telemetry of the network and a defensive strategy that continuously adapts to the adversaries capability and threat landscape.
By collecting and analyzing network data via technologies such as NetFlow,...

Sourcefire and Lancope -- Comprehensive Advanced Threat Protection

Technology overview for Sourcefire FireSIGHT and Lancope StealthWatch including: 

  • Core features and functionality 
  • Market positioning and differentiators 
  • Technology integration for effective incident response