About StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center™ (SLIC)

The StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center™ (SLIC) is Lancope’s research initiative through which global intelligence on the Internet’s top threats is delivered to customers and the public at large. Lancope’s research group, known as StealthWatch Labs, conducts both in-house research and taps into a broad community of third-party experts and partners to aggregate emerging threat information from around the world.

The mission of StealthWatch Labs is to protect Lancope customers by building innovative, robust capabilities in StealthWatch to detect, analyze, and remediate advanced security threats. 

StealthWatch Labs uses our global threat intelligence to reproduce real world attack activity in our laboratories in Atlanta, GA. Studying real world attacks and evasions, and keeping abreast of the latest developments in malicious software, enables the StealthWatch Labs Research Team to develop and refine the behavioral anomaly detection algorithms that are at the core of StealthWatch's security capabilities.

Customers tap into this knowledge every time they use StealthWatch, through features like the Concern Index, which identifies hosts engaged in suspicious activity. Through StealthWatch Labs security updates, the team delivers a regular stream of new detection capabilities based on its research to customers outside of their product upgrade cycles. These security updates provide yet another layer of assurance for defending networks from the latest threat vectors. StealthWatch Labs also shares its threat intelligence via SLIC through a public portal, as well as a threat feed that customers can choose to incorporate into their StealthWatch deployment.

Members of the StealthWatch Labs Research Team have decades of combined experience at the forefront of computer security as product developers, security researchers, authors and public speakers. The StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center provides links to presentations and webinars by members of the research team, as well as a public blog in which the latest developments in the computer security threat landscape are discussed and dissected.




About Lancope

Lancope’s StealthWatch® System leverages flow data from existing network infrastructure to create a cost-effective, always-on sensor grid for detecting today’s top threats. Often times, it is discovered that threats are originating from inside the network as a result of systems that have been compromised. Under the remote control of botnet operators or other nefarious external parties, these internal systems spread infections, steal data and wreak havoc on enterprise resources. Through sophisticated behavioral analysis and cutting-edge threat research, Lancope delivers unparalleled internal visibility and security context, preventing cyber-attacks from taking over corporate and government networks.

Lancope maintains a vast network of partnerships with third-party organizations – including Cisco, HP, VMware, Team Cymru and the Georgia Institute of Technology, to name a few – in order to remain on the cutting edge of worldwide developments in networking and security.