Compliance Solutions

Demonstrate Compliance with Flow-based Monitoring

StealthWatch, the leader in flow-based security and network performance monitoring, delivers unparalleled levels of visibility, accountability and measurability into both individual host and broad network communications required for achieving and maintaining compliance with industry and government regulations. Advanced levels of context including identity, device and application awareness, as well as user-centric monitoring features, further enhance audit controls for regulatory compliance. Through continuous network monitoring, StealthWatch:

  • Ensures network and application availability and internal security through network visibility
  • Provides user accountability for security and network risks through network visibility and authentication stores
  • Supplies risk measurement, prioritization and optional mitigation through network visibility and customizable thresholds
PCI DSS Compliance

StealthWatch supports PCI DSS compliance efforts by:

  • Supplying real-time visibility and awareness of network- and host-based behaviors down to individual users
  • Increasing user accountability for introducing security risks
  • Tracking, measuring and prioritizing network risks for faster remediation
  • Providing the in-depth data needed to conduct forensic analysis for security incidents
  • Easily extending network and security monitoring to virtual environments
HIPAA Compliance

StealthWatch addresses HIPAA mandates in the following ways:

  • Provides accountability for healthcare employee by tracking their network activity (164.312 (a) (1) )
  • Provides a quick clue regarding unauthorized host access for rapid response to electronic protected health information (EPHI) access, alteration and/or destruction (164.312 (c) (1) and 164.308 (e) (1) )
  • Detects malicious and suspicious network activity and works in conjunction with third party devices to mitigate or remediate security policy violations (164.308 (a) (1) (i) )
  • Excels as an incident response tool and serves as a first responder technology that provides notification of potential issues