Network Troubleshooting

StealthWatch for Network Troubleshooting

Visibility & Identity Awareness

StealthWatch provides the internal network visibility and actionable insight required to quickly identify and troubleshoot a wide variety of network issues. Additionally, StealthWatch integrates user information with network traffic statistics to deliver detailed intelligence into user activity anywhere across the network.

StealthWatch can also collect and analyze device through integration with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).

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StealthWatch offers the flexibility and capability to drill down into the end user, MAC, flows, interface utilization and a wide array of other host statistics needed for rapid incident resolution. Top troubleshooting uses cases include:

  • Slow networks
  • User complaints about desktop
  • Greater network risks
  • Security threats
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • QoS monitoring

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Network & Application Performance Monitoring

StealthWatch automatically profiles and analyzes normal network behavior so that administrators can immediately recognize the impact of any unexpected network event — anywhere within the enterprise.

StealthWatch provides both real-time and historical network data readily available, including:

  • source and destination address/port
  • Round Trip Time (RTT)
  • Server Response Time (SRT)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • top talkers
  • User IDs and
  • bandwidth utilization (just to name a few)

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Application Monitoring

Lancope’s StealthWatch provides URL data, which has previously been unavailable from most flow sources, enabling administrators to see exactly which web sites users are going to, as well as the file path, to more easily identify which applications are causing performance or security problems.

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Capacity Planning

StealthWatch addresses capacity planning challenges by:

  • Charting traffic volume, bandwidth % utilization, composition and other trends over time
  • Quickly identifying, in prioritized order, the most congested areas of the network
  • Providing enterprise wide service, port and application visibility for traffic composition analysis
  • Spotting the top talkers for an interface, site, geography and /or network topology
  • Monitoring dscp bandwidth utilization

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