10G Monitoring

Scalable 10G Monitoring with NetFlow

Many organizations are discovering that the cost of network monitoring rises significantly when capacity increases to 10-Gigabit (10G) — although actual usage is only a fraction of total capacity. Deploying expensive probes throughout the network to monitor unused capacity is a waste of budget dollars. Lancope combines packet-level statistics with flow collection and analysis to provide an affordable means of gathering relevant performance and security metrics for effective management of 10G networks.

The most scalable flow collection and analysis solution, StealthWatch leverages NetFlow, IPFIX and other flow data to provide continuous, borderless network visibility across the entire enterprise, enabling organizations to monitor multiple 10G links concurrently. Through its StealthWatch FlowSensor technology, Lancope also offers a solution for areas of 10G networks that are not flow-enabled, or that require deeper visibility into packet data and performance metrics. Unifying security, network and application performance monitoring in a single platform, StealthWatch provides the actionable insight and scalability required to cost-effectively maintain high-performing, secure networks.  

Download the 'Affordable 10G Network Monitoring' market brief.