Capacity Planning

Flow-based Monitoring to Aid Capacity Planning

The recent economic downturn paired with high shareholder expectations mandates taking an aggressive stance with cutting IT costs. Making intelligent capacity planning decisions is more important than ever, and it requires a decision support system with an enterprisewide view of network traffic usage in order to answer the following types of questions:

  • What are my business applications’ bandwidth requirements?

  • How much of my bandwidth is consumed by recreational applications?

  • Do I really need more bandwidth or better traffic management capabilities to manage existing bandwidth more efficiently?

  • Are there just a few guilty hosts responsible for the wasted bandwidth, or is there a pattern of host behavior across the board?

  • Do my most critical applications get preferential treatment on the network? If not, does existing bandwidth need to be reallocated or do I need an upgrade?

StealthWatch addresses these types of capacity planning questions by:

  • Charting traffic volume, bandwidth % utilization, composition and other trends over time

  • Quickly identifying in prioritized order the most congested areas of the network, perhaps prime candidates for WAN optimization

  • Providing enterprisewide service, port and application visibility for traffic composition analysis to determine business vs. recreational application utilization

  • Spotting the top talkers for an interface, site, geography and /or network topology to determine if there’s a particularly noisy host consuming more than its fair share of bandwidth

  • Monitoring dscp bandwidth utilization to ensure that actual traffic passing through individual interfaces matches configured or desired levels for each service, as well as to help determine if the most critical traffic is getting preferential traffic treatment