Firewall Auditing

Audit Firewalls to Improve Network Performance and Application Delivery

In addition to auditing firewalls to bolster security measures, Lancope’s StealthWatch System can also improve network performance and application delivery by ensuring that legitimate applications are not blocked by the firewall.

Monitoring actual traffic, ports and services provides a convenient and effective means of auditing firewall configurations to optimize performance and reduce application-related issues. In addition to providing in-depth intelligence on the internal network, StealthWatch can also conduct behavioral analytics on data from firewalls to provide even greater contextual awareness.

With StealthWatch’s firewall auditing and monitoring capabilities, network operations teams can:

  • Verify that firewalls are configured correctly
  • Analyze the impact of firewall changes before implementing to avoid damaging the end-user network experience
  • Determine whether any legitimate applications/services are being negatively impacted by the firewall
  • Expedite network troubleshooting