Identity Awareness

StealthWatch for Identity Awareness

Today’s increasingly complex networks require better means of uncovering the root cause of network performance issues. Alongside in-depth behavioral analysis, StealthWatch offers valuable identity awareness capabilities to pinpoint the exact users responsible for and affected by performance or security problems, protecting the integrity of enterprise infrastructure.

StealthWatch integrates user information with network traffic statistics to deliver detailed visibility into user activity anywhere across the network. Administrators leverage usernames or IP addresses associated with an event, and the StealthWatch Management Console returns the appropriate flow forensics for event investigation.

By identifying the user causing an event and other users affected, StealthWatch provides greater accountability and immediate insight into network events or user needs. Knowing exactly who is on the network and what they are doing, IT administrators can maintain optimum levels of performance and security without inadvertently impacting the experience of high-level users. Identity data can also assist with other efforts including capacity planning, help desk and human resources.

In addition to identifying specific users on the network, StealthWatch can also collect and analyze device details such as device type, security posture and physical location on the network through integration with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). This extra layer of identity information further expedites troubleshooting for a wide range of network and security issues.

For more information, see the Market Brief – Identity-Aware NetFlow.