Network Visibility

Leverage NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow for Borderless Network Visibility

As networks expand and security threats rise, IT teams are losing visibility, knowledge and control. Key business and technology trends including globalization, virtualization, user mobility and IT consumerization are adding exponential layers of complexity to the network. Networks are now expected to support a rapidly growing number of applications, devices and traffic volumes, resulting in a new breed of management and security challenges.

On the security front, a lack of network visibility can be particularly damaging, leaving companies wide open to both insider threats and external attacks that bypass traditional safeguards. To achieve secure, high-performing networks, IT teams need to know what, when and how specific technologies are in use across the enterprise – and by whom.

StealthWatch by Lancope is the leading solution for flow-based security, network and application performance monitoring across physical and virtual environments. By leveraging NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow and other flow data from existing routers and switches, StealthWatch provides the borderless network visibility and actionable insight required to quickly identify and troubleshoot a wide variety of network and security issues – ultimately reducing the time between problem onset and resolution. In addition to providing in-depth intelligence on the internal network, StealthWatch also conducts behavioral analytics on data from perimeter devices to deliver even greater contextual awareness.

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