Quality Of Service

Deliver Quality of Service Using the DiffServ Model


As corporate end users require access to an increasing amount of applications and services, organizations are seeking ways to guarantee that the most important traffic is always given the highest priority throughout the network. The DiffServ model provides a framework for delivering quality of service (QoS) through two major components: packet classification and per-hop behavior (PHB). These components facilitate the partitioning of network traffic into multiple priority levels so each service belonging to a particular class receives the same forwarding treatment. Packet classification, or marking, occurs via Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) values. The per-hop behavior defines the packet forwarding properties associated with a particular class of traffic, enabling the network device to prioritize traffic accordingly.

StealthWatch by Lancope supports QoS efforts by monitoring, reporting and trending traffic volume for each DSCP value on each interface across the network. This helps to ensure that actual traffic passing through individual interfaces matches configured or desired traffic levels for each service. As such, StealthWatch enables the verification of operator-defined per-hop behaviors and facilitates planning for capacity upgrades. With StealthWatch, organizations can be sure that the most important traffic is always given the highest priority.