Response Time Management

Response Time Monitoring with Flow-based StealthWatch

In the last few years, both network and server performance issues have become a much more common user experience. Many factors contribute to slow response times whether it be network, security and/or server issues. Regardless, all of these issues require further investigation. Unfortunately, many different tools and processes are used to resolve each of these issues separately by different groups within IT. Often, there exists no single centralized system to work from and therefore unify IT collaboration and eliminate unproductive fingerpointing. Current trends which have led to an increase in network slowdowns and application latency include:

  • Centralization of application servers — Though cost savings associated with virtual server migrations are considerable, the resulting increased distance between the datacenter and the branch office often introduces network and server latency issues. Moreover, intra- and inter-VM server communications hide network and application traffic, reducing visibility across your enterprise network. This hidden areas of your network also experience performance, security and server provisioning issues to name a few.
  • QoS policy adjustments — When tuning preferential treatment for your most critical applications, oftentimes business applications do not receive the preferential treatment needed to ensure acceptable server response times.
  • Inordinate bandwidth consumption — Saturated links, load balancing issues, and change configuration exercises all introduce traffic congestion in one way or another, impacting the delivery of business applications.
  • Recreational applications — These commonly used, non-business-related applications also lead to network and server response time issues and can be indicative of the need for better traffic management and QoS policy adjustments.

In order to distinguish between traffic, security and server issues, one unified monitoring solution is needed to discern between network and server root cause. As well, this same solution should provide visibility into VM2VM communications within and between VM servers. Keeping the network available and performing at peak efficiency as well as identifying sluggish server response times is critical to maximizing end user productivity and optimizing cost control.

The StealthWatch System is a unique, real-time troubleshooting solution that provides complete visibility from VMs out to the branch offices. Real-time traffic, security and server troubleshooting identifies the appropriate root cause in seconds, focusing resources where they are needed most and where they can be most effective. In addition, StealthWatch provides insight into bandwidth consumption, traffic composition, traffic trending, top 10 statistics, dscp bandwidth consumption and other traffic metrics commonly of interest to network operations. This one source for seeing traffic, security, user activity and server response time provides definitive, interdepartmental metrics needed to confidently resolve issues, ensure unified collaboration and eliminate the time-consuming, unproductive fingerpointing so common within IT.