Service Delivery

Assure and Improve Service Delivery with Flow-based Monitoring

As network teams evolve, there is an increasing emphasis on the monitoring of service delivery needs. Organizations still require simple tasks such as up/down monitoring, but it is a small component of the overall needs when it comes to service delivery. Inadequate monitoring of these services can result in increased downtime, which in turn increases loss of capital and decreases customer satisfaction. In order to maintain uptime and performance for services and applications,  Lancope monitors a number of elements. 

Application Definition & Identification – The increase in applications using HTTP or HTTPS ports forces you to have methods of service definition that extend beyond traditional port/protocol mapping. StealthWatch provides a number of facilities to define applications ranging from packet inspection with the FlowSensors to lightweight port/protocol/destination mappings. 

Bandwidth Needs and Usage -- StealthWatch provides the ability to understand bandwidth by interface or host groups (IP ranges used by data consumers and/or servers), adding flexibility to our monitoring solution.  This becomes particularly important as you increase the number of load-balanced links throughout the network.

Service Prioritization – Using NetFlow, IPFIX and other flow data, StealthWatch enables you to map out Quality of Service usage along network paths to ensure that applications are given the proper priority. When coupled with the StealthWatch FlowSensor, StealthWatch adds value through Round Trip Time (RTT) and Server Response Time (SRT) metrics, allowing administrators to quickly determine the cause of service delivery problems.

Vulnerabilities – Defining applications can be a challenge of its own if the applications were not well documented. Flow data gives you visibility into the ports and protocols needed to keep applications up so you can better provision your firewalls protecting the apps. Behavioral analysis further protects you when these services deviate from acceptable behaviors.

Consolidation – You cannot plan for what you do not understand. Data visualizations provided by StealthWatch enable users to properly plan for consolidation of resources. Before consolidating resources it is essential to understand the individual needs of each to do proper firewall and bandwidth planning.

Virtualization – StealthWatch FlowSensor VE (virtual edition) restores visibility lost by virtualization in your environment. Multi-tiered apps can be monitored for bandwidth needs, RTT and SRT, even if they never leave the VMWare environment.