WAN Optimization

Optimize Your WAN and LAN

WAN optimization has become pervasive in the network as a means of controlling bandwidth growth within the enterprise. With it comes a need to validate its ongoing usefulness to the organization. StealthWatch enables you to both validate current installs to confirm intended ROI and provide valuable information prior to selecting a WAN optimization tool.

ROI Validation – StealthWatch leverages flow data as a means to demonstrate the effectiveness of WAN optimization within your environment. It enables you to see information before and after acceleration for easy-to-consume statistics.

Performance Metrics – Deploying StealthWatch FlowSensors near the WAN acceleration technologies provides feature-rich performance stats, such as RTT (Round Trip Time) and SRT (Server Response Time) for the created sessions. WAN optimization technologies can occasionally hide RTT by caching or encapsulating sessions, but SRT remains invaluable to understanding end users' perception of the network.

Understand Your Traffic – WAN acceleration wears a number of hats these days. StealthWatch can tell you what your traffic trends are and assist you in determining which technology, if any, is right for you.

For your WAN optimization needs, StealthWatch helps you address:  

  • What types of applications are core to my business and how do they operate?
  • Can they be compressed or cached?
  • What percentage of my traffic communicates with these applications?