Firewall Auditing

Audit & Augment Firewalls with Flow-based Monitoring

StealthWatch can also conduct in-depth, behavioral analysis on data obtained from firewalls and other perimeter devices to enhance firewall auditing, as well as improve other efforts including security, policy management, network troubleshooting and compliance.

By monitoring and profiling all services and ports on the network, StealthWatch delivers unified visibility across physical and virtual networks that:

  • Enables scenario analysis of firewall changes before implementing as a risk-free means of verifying and/or measuring the impact of such changes without adversely affecting the end user network experience

  • Provides a network-wide view of traffic composition, enabling you to see at a glance which services are in use and how much bandwidth each consumes

  • Confirms ports and services necessary for normal business operations

  • Highlights those ports and services that may have been overlooked

  • Alarms on out-of-profile and unauthorized access conditions

  • Mitigates violations to firewall configuration policy (optional)

  • Augments firewalls by detecting and alarming on suspicious activity at the perimeter