Internal Malware Propagation

Tracking the Spread of Malware on the Internal Network

With the porous nature of today’s enterprise networks, organizations can no longer rely on perimeter defenses to keep the bad guys out. Instead, governments and enterprises also require a means of tracking and stopping the spread of malware on the internal network. Through sophisticated behavioral analysis, Lancope’s StealthWatch System can quickly detect and mitigate the spread of malware across internal hosts.


With the StealthWatch Worm Tracker, administrators can easily view where a worm has been in an enterprise and where it is likely to go next. The Worm Tracker visually graphs the spread of a worm or virus throughout the network from node to node, providing instant visibility into the scope and impact of an outbreak. This way, malware propagation can be halted within hours instead of weeks. In addition to worms, StealthWatch tracks and alarms on a wide variety of other malware including APTs, botnets and denial-of-service attacks, among others.