NAT Support

Shed Light on Security Blind Spots with NAT Stitching

In today’s era of advanced threats, enterprises cannot afford to suffer from dangerous network blind spots. Lancope’s StealthWatch System stiches and deduplicates network address translation (NAT) communications to further improve network visibility and security troubleshooting.

Using data from select devices, StealthWatch can unify NAT information from inside the firewall with information from outside the firewall to pinpoint which IPs and users inside the network are responsible for a particular action. Access to this unique information prevents would-be hackers and other bad actors from hiding behind NAT.

With NAT stitching, organizations can quickly identify the source of any possible outbound attack or copyright violation notice. When coupled with identity data from either the StealthWatch IDentity™ appliance or the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), the stitching and deduplication of NAT records also reveals the exact user responsible for suspicious traffic.

StealthWatch stitches NAT communications together to enhance visibility at the network edge.