Remote Store Security

Flow-based Monitoring to Ensure Remote Store Security

Historically, security measures have been deployed at the hub of hub-and-spoke networks in order to obtain visibility into all network traffic. However, with the advent of fully-meshed MPLS networks, this now breaks the model of a once effective security strategy. Since MPLS enables direct remote-site-to-remote-site network communications, security operations must respond with a cost-effective means of regaining network visibility. Common options entertained include:

  • Deploying high-maintenance host agents on every host in every remote site
  • Deploying an IDS/IPS at each remote site
  • Deploying a centralized, agentless, and non-intrusive flow-based network monitoring solution at a fraction of the up-front and ongoing costs of the former two options

Signature updates and time-consuming host agent management can pose threats to network performance. Unlike technologies that require burdensome maintenance, StealthWatch’s flow-based approach to continuous, real time monitoring optimizes the end-user experience and maximizes productivity. Delivering unified visibility across physical and virtual networks, StealthWatch is a leader in security, network and application performance monitoring. StealthWatch ensures a unique and cost-effective alternative over host agents and IDS/IPS deployments by:

  • Providing enterprise-wide visibility into all host behaviors and their activity on the network
  • Requiring no signature updates
  • Requiring no ongoing tuning
  • Promoting network availability through both passive monitoring and accelerated incident response
  • Combining internal and external monitoring for advanced contextual awareness