Flow-based Context for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

In today's complex technology environment, higher levels network visibility are now required to efficiently combat the full realm of advanced threats facing modern enterprises. Additionally, the worlds of network operations and security operations are increasingly colliding, and security teams are benefiting from having access to both types of data to improve contextual awareness.

Lancope’s StealthWatch flow-based monitoring solution delivers complete, real-time visibility into all hosts and traffic on the network, providing actionable insight for addressing a wide variety of network and security issues. StealthWatch leverages NetFlow, IPFIX and other flow data from existing routers and switches to provide a simple, effective means of protecting networks against attack or misuse — without signatures, and without slowing down the network.

By augmenting traditional sources of SIEM data with flow-based information, administrators can see deeper into the network, reducing the cost and complexity of incident resolution and improving overall security measures. In addition, StealthWatch goes above and beyond these security capabilities to: 1) support compliance initiatives, 2) enhance network forensics for incident investigation, and 3) significantly improve network and application availability and performance.

StealthWatch augments SIEM systems by:

  • Delivering security oversight across the entire reach of an enterprise network - even across highly switched, highly segmented or fully meshed environments - without introducing the costs and complexity associated with point solutions
  • Providing administrators with true, real-time feedback on the current security status anywhere on the network
  • Providing quick and easy scalability, making StealthWatch an ideal solution for rapidly growing or rapidly evolving organizations
  • Utilizing native capture or existing NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow infrastructure to provide the maximum internal protection possible without undue cost or complexity
  • Combining both internal and external monitoring for advanced contextual awareness
  • Easily integrating critical security and network operational information through a single, easy-to-use management console for streamlined communications between security and IT staff, offering faster, more coordinated response to unexpected network events