Data Exfiltration

Detect Data Exfiltration with Flow Collection and Analysis

While Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies serve as a key security component for many governments and enterprises, they protect limited areas of the network and cannot provide the enterprise-wide visibility needed for a complete DLP solution. Through its cost-effective, flow-based approach, Lancope’s StealthWatch delivers continuous, end-to-end insight into host behaviors on the network for early detection of data exfiltration attempts by privileged insiders, online criminals, hacktivists or unfriendly nation states.

The system meets the following best practice requirements for successfully detecting data exfiltration:

  • Comprehensive, cost-effective visibility
  • Behavior-based rather than signature-based
  • Not dependent upon packet-level data
  • Indifferent to encryption
  • Instant notification when a data breach occurs
  • Drill-down functionality for forensic investigations
  • Automated mitigation and response
  • Flexibility to permit exceptions

Additionally, through Lancope's Operational Network & Security Intelligence (ONSI) dashboard, StealthWatch security alarms are closely aligned to the various steps of the cyber attacker’s “kill chain," including data exfiltration and data hoarding. This provides greater security context for faster threat detection, more precise incident response and improved troubleshooting of these stealthy, malicious behaviors.

With StealthWatch, governments and enterprises can quickly thwart data exfiltration attempts and avoid the costly and damaging consequences associated with high-profile data breaches.

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