Network Reconnaissance

Detecting Network Reconnaissance Before Attacks Occur

In today’s era of advanced persistent threats (APTs), industrial espionage and cyber warfare, network reconnaissance is becoming a more prolific issue in enterprise security. Network reconnaissance is the process through which potential attackers probe network environments for vulnerabilities that could be exploited later to launch customized, targeted attacks. If uncovered early enough, thwarting reconnaissance efforts can play a key role in preventing damaging attacks that could compromise network performance or leak confidential data.

By providing an always-on sensor grid that monitors for suspicious network activity, Lancope’s StealthWatch System allows for early detection of network reconnaissance and other threats – keeping governments and enterprises a step ahead of online attackers, whether they are cyber criminals, hacktivists, unfriendly nation states or even insiders.

Instead of relying on canned signatures to detect attacks, StealthWatch utilizes sophisticated behavioral analysis to uncover the full spectrum of threats facing today’s organizations. The system then graphically displays this security intelligence through customizable, easy-to-understand dashboards and reports so the data can quickly be put into action protecting the network.

Detect Network Reconnaissance