Network & Security Implications of Virtualization


Virtualization delivers many benefits including lower hardware maintenance and energy costs, recovered data center floor space, higher availability, reduced disaster recovery costs, faster server deployments, maximized server capacity and increased flexibility for development and testing environments. This is why Lancope offers virtualized versions of its StealthWatch Management Console, FlowCollector, FlowSensor and FlowReplicator. However, when not properly monitored and managed, virtualized server environments can lead to many network performance and security concerns. With virtual environments comes diminished network visibility, greatly complicating problem identification and resolution, and potentially erasing the cost savings associated with virtualization in the first place.

To maintain a high-performance, secure infrastructure, organizations must manage and protect their virtual environments the same way as their physical networks. StealthWatch by Lancope integrates flow-based security, network and application performance monitoring to provide borderless visibility across physical and virtual networks. By collecting and generating flow data from existing infrastructure, StealthWatch creates the actionable insight required to quickly and effectively troubleshoot network and security issues on all platforms throughout the enterprise.