“We also like some of the cool summarized views that Lancope provides. For example, we have all of our high-risk networks showing up in a 24hr graph, no-one in one of these networks is allowed to send data directly out to the internet; Lancope gives a great visual of that.”

Cisco Systems

“Lancope’s solution has provided us with better visibility into network activity across our global enterprise. The near real-time data reporting and alerting capabilities enable our team to detect and respond quicker to security incidents as they occur.”

Westinghouse Electric

"The StealthWatch FlowSensor VE provides enterprise visibility to help improve security and performance in the virtual environment, while preserving IT cost savings and minimizing complexity through ease of deployment as a VMware virtual appliance."


"[Lancope’s] anomaly-based protection has been very instrumental in identifying both internal and external security threats."

United Auto Insurance Group

“StealthWatch offers the best capabilities for categorizing the threat level of network traffic. Its proprietary Concern Index correlates alarms with threat levels to indicate when malicious activity may be occurring. I found StealthWatch to be both intuitive and logical, as I easily navigated from a high-level view of security and traffic status indicators to the underlying insightful details. Upon installation, StealthWatch immediately identified minor system misconfigurations on the network, such as DNS and WINS settings as well as various unnecessary applications. It even highlighted some interesting traffic for further investigation. We were able to fix a number of network problems during the evaluation period.”

Rand McNally

“StealthWatch enables our support team to make strategic decisions about network and security management based on a unified view of network, security and user information across the enterprise. Not only does it provide network performance monitoring to ensure our applications run optimally, StealthWatch also identifies internal and external threats through behavior-based algorithms.”

Oldcastle APG

“There are considerable security risks associated with even the smallest changes to the system. StealthWatch proved its value immediately by helping us determine the security and effectiveness of our SCADA changes in real time. StealthWatch provides measurable results in days.”

Henry County Water & Sewerage Authority (HCWSA)

“The breadth of information StealthWatch affords, in conjunction with both definable and built-in heuristics, helps us view all traffic flowing across our networks and security devices. With StealthWatch, we can identify security threats, capture statistics and data streams for capacity planning, enforce usage policies and solve performance problems much faster. It also enables our staff to respond to network threats and outages quickly and intelligently, reducing business impact.”

Henry County Water & Sewerage Authority (HCWSA)

"StealthWatch helps bring the needle out of the haystack."

Global 500 Media & Entertainment Company

“StealthWatch gives us much needed insight into the behavior of our network without the need to sift through countless logs of data. Now we can quickly determine why our network is slow. Even when the network seems to be running well, we know that StealthWatch will isolate any abnormal issues, like worms or a host infected by a bot, and notify us immediately.”

Gilbraltar Industries

“Unless you know what is happening on your network, the actual host conversations and the details about them, you cannot even begin to serve your users. StealthWatch not only provides basic details about the ‘who, what, when and where’ of network traffic, but it also enables us to focus on the all-important ‘why’ behind many network problems. Our team’s productivity has increased significantly because we now have time to focus on other projects instead of spending hours manually diagnosing network-related traffic problems.”

Gilbraltar Industries

“Lancope’s StealthWatch System is a product that provides so much insight into what is really happening within your network, and gives the best blend of advance notice of problems combined with historic reporting using standard flow data. Couple this with outstanding support, sales, marketing, and active collaboration with customers and it’s a winning solution.”


"StealthWatch performed extremely well during the evaluation. Its non-intrusive approach to monitoring does not impact network performance, and StealthWatch has excellent reporting and alerting capabilities. The depth of analysis and information available from StealthWatch is astounding. The reports it produces—either scheduled or on–demand–are excellent and easy to understand. Its ease of configuration and self-tuning reduces ongoing maintenance efforts. And its accuracy and integration within our existing environment provide ongoing security assurance for our network."



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