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The FlowReplicator is  purpose-built for high-capacity replication of disparate log data to one or many destinations. By aggregating and providing a single, standardized destination for NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, Syslog and SNMP information, the FlowReplicator greatly simplifies the integration of multiple types of network and security data within large enterprises. The FlowReplicator can receive data from any connectionless UDP application, and is available in either a physical or virtual form factor, allowing users to choose the implementation and maintenance structure that works best for their organization.

Point log data (NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, Syslog, SNMP) to a single destination without the need to reconfigure the infrastructure when new tools are added/removed.

  • Simplify network and security monitoring
  • Ease network device configuration
  • Streamline change management
  • Reduce change management risk

The FlowReplicator free trial is a fast, easy way to caculate your NetFlow volume and to begin experiencing the power of NetFlow for enhanced security, forensics, performance and compliance.

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Requirements to install:
• VMWare vSphere v4.x or v5.x
• 50 GB disk and 4 GB RAM