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Upcoming Webinar: Detect and Triage Threats in the Enhanced Cisco Stealthwatch v6.9

Since the Stealthwatch System was introduced nearly 15 years ago, improvement of the user interface has evolved exponentially to meet the demands of network security analysts and operations staff worldwide.

Learn how to take full advantage of the new Cisco Stealthwatch version 6.9 and get to the root cause faster! In this month’s Expert Series webinar Matt and Lance will show you how to best utilize the UX upgrades and demonstrate how to drill down faster than ever to identify anomalies and hone in on bad behavior. Learn how to: 
  • Triage Alerts in the Web UI.
  • Quickly drill down to the most critical host using the Security Insight Dashboard.
  • Investigate Network Anomalies using the Host Group Report.
  • Track Behaviors in Top Reports.
  • Get to the root cause using the new Flow Query Page.

The webinar Detect and Triage Threats in the Enhanced Cisco Stealthwatch v6.9 will take place on Thursday, January 12, at 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET, 8-9 a.m. PT, and 4-5 p.m. GMT. To register, click here.


Matt Wolpers is a Cisco Stealthwatch UX Director has been with Cisco (via Lancope) for almost two years. He is an award-winning designer dedicated to creating first-class user experiences through research, design, prototyping, usability, information architecture, and design leadership.





Lance Hoskins is a Cisco Stealthwatch UX Designer having joined Cisco via Lancope three years ago. He has 20 plus years of experience in Computer Security having started with Internet Security Systems (ISS) in 1996 where he was a member of the X-Force Security Research team.After ISS, he worked for some time in Computer Network Defense for the Department of Defense (DoD) as an “Incident Responder” and, then, moved back to the private sector working for a variety of security firms and startups including Intrusec, Ciphertrust, Secure Computing, McAfee, and others.




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