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When It Comes to Security, Collaboration Is Key in 2013

Jessica Clark

Happy 2013! A new year is upon us, and a new year means new security challenges. IT teams in all sectors across the globe will inevitably face new, more cutting-edge attacks in the coming years. Everyone has been quick to discuss their 2013 predictions, but what about 2013 solutions? 

Lancope’s Director of Security Research, Tom Cross, has long been evangelizing the fact that there is no “silver bullet” for security. What does this mean, you ask? One single product on its own will not ensure the security of an entire network. IT professionals must think beyond traditional firewalls, antivirus and IDS/IPS systems, as Cross discusses here in SC Magazine. Attackers are only becoming more creative with their initiatives, and in turn, security teams have to be even more innovative when facing attackers. 

With that said, many network teams are already using NetFlow for performance and troubleshooting, but why aren’t all security teams utilizing this technology? Flow telemetry is already built into existing infrastructures. It’s already being used by half of the IT team, so why have a house divided? NetFlow is a great way to unite both the network and security teams, as it offers unparalleled benefits for both. When collected and analyzed by advanced solutions such as Lancope’s StealthWatch System, flow data can be used to support and improve numerous initiatives across the IT organization, including but not limited to real-time attack detection, incident response, forensic investigations, network performance, capacity planning, compliance and the list goes on. Because it is not based on signature updates, StealthWatch can detect the full spectrum of threats facing today’s networks, from worms and viruses to zero-day, DDoS, insider and APT attacks.

When it comes to network security, collaboration is not just important between IT teams, but also between technology companies as well. Cisco kicked off its year discussing this very topic in a blog post earlier this week. Essentially, the blog’s call to action is for members of the security industry to “play ball” together to collaboratively protect networks and the valuable resources found within them.

As part of its StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center (SLIC), Lancope works closely with other security industry leaders – including Cisco, Team Cymru and the Georgia Institute of Technology – to collectively track global threat activity and provide better protection to customers and the general public. Additionally, Lancope and Cisco have collaborated to create the Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution, providing visibility and threat defense in the network interior where the most dangerous threats reside.

Collaborative initiatives like these – both among the security industry and within individual IT teams – will become increasingly critical as threat actors become more organized and attacks grow in sophistication. How can you incorporate greater collaboration into your security strategy to stay ahead of advanced attackers in 2013?

For more information on the threats organizations can expect to face in 2013 (and potential solutions!), see a recent Forbes article by Tom Cross here.


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