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Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips

Software Developer
9 Years in Industry

You have to have the mindset that [a security breach] will happen, and that mindset will drive your behaviors to protect against it.

Andrew Phillips has a solid grasp on the threats that a company may be faced with, and the steps taken to resolve those issues. As a Software Developer at Stealthwatch, part of his job is to implement a tool that can quickly give you the who, what and when of a network attack. “These are the questions a security analyst is going to ask,” says Andrew. “What we’re really focused on is answering those questions.”

These days, it doesn’t take an expert hacker with a deep understanding of security to execute an attack. As hacking tools have become productized, someone from the general public can take software off the shelf and conduct an attack. Andrew breaks it down for us: “It’s the difference between a really well organized team, like Oceans 11, and some guy who just wants to mug you and steal your wallet…[an average citizen] can do damage without being the Oceans 11 of hackers,” he says. Regardless of expertise and finesse, they’re both capable of committing the crime.

Andrew has also experienced his fair share of personal cyber-attacks. In just the last year alone, he’s had his credit card number stolen, and someone tried to hack into one of his accounts using his email…from an IP address in Indonesia. “As a father and a husband, [personal security] is something I consider for my family...but the same things, to a much larger degree, are going on every day with companies,” says Andrew.