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David Rudd

David Rudd

Security Sales
13 Years in Industry

If you’re not taking network security seriously, you can certainly expect that your name will be in the New York Times headlines at some point.

In his 13 years of experience, David Rudd has learned that there’s no one-and-done solution when it comes to security. “No security solution is a silver bullet, and if any company claims to be, the customer should run from that technology,” says David. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps an organization can take to protect themselves.

“Stealthwatch is unique...we provide a pervasive amount of visibility across the network, without any software installations required,” he says. According to David, companies only spend an average of 15 percent of their budget on monitoring internal traffic, but the internal traffic actually makes up 85 percent of the network’s total traffic numbers (versus North/South). Stealthwatch can pull data from a company’s existing infrastructure devices, and run security analytics on it, effectively turning the network into one gigantic behavioral sensor.

As a Security Account Manager, David helps walk prospective customers through an initial Proof of Value period. On one occasion, a regional hospital saw startling activity just a few hours after installation. “Approximately 2,000 of their hosts were communicating to a single IP address in Slovakia,” says David. “They didn’t do business in Slovakia, so why would any of their hosts be communicating there, let alone 2,000 of them?”

With the help of Stealthwatch, the hospital determined the cause of the mishap—the IP address in Slovakia was similar to one of their internal IPs, and was likely the result of a misplaced key stroke. Luckily, no data was compromised. In less fortunate cases, a single data breach typically costs a company an average of over 3.5 million dollars, and some studies put that number closer to 10 million. “A company must protect its brand and its reputation. If their network is can be hugely damaging to the outlook of that particular company,” says David.

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