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James Powell

James Powell

Product Security Analyst
19 Years in Industry

If you make something that's useable [but] not secure, people are going to choose usability every time.

James Powell knows the importance of security. In fact, his work is something he enjoys so much, he’s also spending some sleepless nights matching up against security problems designed to mimic real world scenarios.

“We play capture the flag. They set up challenges, and then you work as quickly as you can to solve them. When I found out I could play games and do network security, I started losing sleep. I almost fell down the rabbit hole when I was here,” says James. “You study one thing and that thing leads to another thing and before you know it you're reading until after 2am. About security. Network protocols. The ironic thing is it's all fun.”

It’s safe to say that James eats, sleeps, and breathes security (ok, maybe there’s room for improvement in the sleep area). But what’s the benefit of having someone on your team who loves his job so much he brings it to a whole new level? “If you know your network, then you’re more likely to detect the anomalies.”

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