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Justin Majors

Justin Majors

Customer Success, Shared Services
13 Years in Industry

I love what I do. The environment changes every single day and that’s kind of where I thrive — within change.

The online world is constantly changing. Hackers are stepping up their game, and security constantly needs to be beefed up. With that kind of action, you want someone who can keep up. Justin’s your man.

When he’s not working on art or living it up at Burning Man, Justin manages a Customer Success Organization team at Stealthwatch. “I try to understand how all of the systems, processes, and people work together within our organization and drive strategic change through data analytics, tools and process development,” says Justin.

Companies, especially those with sensitive data, understand their risk of being attacked and the need for advanced security measures. However, many of them don’t know what they’re looking for. “A lot of companies don’t really know what’s going on inside their network,” says Justin. “They don’t know who’s accessing servers, who’s communicating with who, and some people don’t even know how their network is segmented and what hosts are on their network, so Stealthwatch can...make that information visible.”

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