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Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson

Director of Engineering, WitFoo
10 Years in Industry

The biggest problem now isn't even a specific threat. You see hundreds of thousands of events threatening security constantly.

Hundreds of thousands of menaces at any given moment may sound overwhelming, but with someone like Keith Wilson, a former Stealthwatch engineer, on your side to help build a security system that’s specific to your needs, threats are easily diminished. Keith, who happens to have millions of eradicated threats under his belt, also guides customers to their optimal security method.

“I get to help customers fix security problems. I get to be a consultant to them. It takes some time to build up trust, but once I have that trust, they let me help them design their security solution,” says Keith. “It's giving them tools that they can use to get a grasp on policy and procedure that they have to implement.”

What advice does a master of threats have for anyone looking to protect their online assets? Keith’s answer comes easily: “Plan layers of security. Make sure that what you put in place will actually resolve security incidents.”

To learn how Keith Wilson uses Stealthwatch to uncover threat activity, read Troubleshooting for Stronger Data Defense.


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