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Utilities face a difficult network operations and security climate. On the one hand, these organizations have massive, geographically diverse operations, including huge numbers of remote offices and mobile field technicians, which many traditional security technologies do not scale to protect. On the other hand, due to the criticality of utilities and energy providers in our daily lives, they are a prime target for cyber terrorists and others who wish to make a big impact.

Meanwhile, evolving industry standards and regulations such as NERC CIP and FISMA/NIST are forcing utilities to take a closer look at their infrastructure to meet tougher compliance requirements. Additionally, the SCADA systems developed to run much of today's energy infrastructure were not intended to be connected to the Internet, and were therefore not designed with security in mind.

The more utilities infrastructure evolves and becomes more connected to the World Wide Web, the more critical comprehensive monitoring becomes, as cyber criminals find ways to compromise systems and exploit the Smart Grid and vulnerable SCADA systems for profit and other insidious motives.

Leveraging NetFlow and other flow data from existing routers and switches, Lancope's StealthWatch System cost-effectively provides end-to-end network visibility and security intelligence to protect and ensure high performance for critical information assets. StealthWatch eliminates network blind spots and dramatically expedites threat detection and incident response, enabling utilities to reduce service interruptions, increase reliability and avoid widespread outages.

How does StealthWatch help?

  • Real-time, continuous monitoring of network traffic patterns for immediate response to unexpected network and security issues
  • Provides proof of regulatory compliance by baselining the network for normal activity and proactively detecting threats to the PCS and SCADA networks
  • Host and network protection without requiring host agents or frequent attack signature database updates
  • Simple, straight-forward scalability across massive enterprise deployments
  • Cost-effective, easy-to-manage monitoring of large numbers of devices via powerful, graphical representations of current and expected network behavior
  • Greatly reduces man-hour resources traditionally associated with incident response
Jan 28, 2015

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