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Government agencies play an essential role in protecting critical infrastructure and confidential records. Today especially, they are under immense pressure to maintain secure, reliable technology in light of increasingly nefarious cyber-attacks stemming from online criminals, malicious insiders, hacktivists and unfriendly nation states.

By providing end-to-end network visibility and continuous situational awareness, Lancope’s StealthWatch System enables government organizations to make faster, more informed decisions regarding the most effective response to network and security issues. Leveraging NetFlow, IPFIX and other flow data from existing infrastructure, the system provides in-depth, actionable network and security intelligence at a fraction of the cost of conventional monitoring solutions.

Employing sophisticated behavioral analysis instead of relying on signature updates, the system can detect advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other zero-day attacks, as well as internal risks such as policy violations and data leakage. Advanced features including 1) application, identity and mobile awareness, 2) monitoring of virtual environments, 3) automated threat prioritization and mitigation, and 4) the SLIC Threat Feed result in expedited incident response and more efficient forensic investigations. In addition to improving security and performance, StealthWatch enables compliance with regulations including CNCI/TIC, FISMA/NIST and FIPS, and has also achieved Common Criteria Certification.

StealthWatch allows government agencies to:

  • Obtain continuous monitoring and comprehensive situational awareness to combat even the most stealthy cyber threats originating from privileged insiders, online criminals, hacktivists and unfriendly nation states
  • Quickly detect and remediate the full range of potential security and performance issues that could impact operations
  • Prevent costly and damaging data breaches
  • Significantly reduce monitoring costs and complexity
  • Accelerate incident response and forensic investigations
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance (CNCI/TIC, FISMA/NIST, FIPS, Common Criteria, etc.)

SANS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense:

Lancope is featured in four categories of the SANS 2013 20 Critical Security Controls:

  • Control 13: Boundary Defense
  • Control 14: Maintenance, Monitoring, and Analysis of Security Audit logs
  • Control 18: Incident Response Management
  • Control 19: Secure Network Engineering
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