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The focus for healthcare providers is typically on saving lives, not so much on security. Unfortunately, the two go hand-in-hand. The success of patient treatment is heavily dependent upon the availability of electronic patient records. Simply stated, when electronic records are not available due to network or security issues, the quality of patient care declines. Even more concerning, recent research has indicated that it is often extremely easy for attackers to hack into life-saving hospital equipment including X-ray machines and defibrillators.

Further complicating matters is the need to keep patient records secure and confidential to comply with HIPAA regulations. The task is immense, and the penalties for any breach in compliance are severe.

Hospitals participate in many fields of research, making them a prime target for nation-state sponsored attacks designed to steal intellectual property. Meanwhile, organized criminals seek to steal the vast amounts of patient and employee data maintained by healthcare organizations in order to make a profit.

Lancope's StealthWatch System leverages NetFlow and other types of flow data from existing infrastructure in order to pervasively monitor for network risks such as malicious employees or compromised systems. The StealthWatch System delivers cost-effective, comprehensive network visibility to accelerate incident response and dramatically improve security and compliance.

StealthWatch’s application awareness also helps ensure that healthcare professionals experience high levels of performance from mission-critical technologies such as Epic, Lawson and Cerner. Because many healthcare organizations rely on these technologies to manage the entire lifecycle of patient care, 24/7 access and optimum performance are crucial.

How does the StealthWatch System help?

  • Provides cost-effective security, network and application performance monitoring
  • Detects internal and external threats that bypass perimeter-based security systems
  • Continuously monitors enterprise network activity without installing host-based agents — which can be costly and time consuming
  • Delivers easy-to-analyze, real-time tracking and historical auditing of access to ePHI servers from across a healthcare organization's network
  • Immediately alerts based on unexpected network usage patterns and security policy violations, such as attempted access to ePHI servers from an unauthorized network zone
  • Automates discovery and profiling of new or unauthorized network devices

“Stealthwatch has saved us a great deal of time, especially with extremely complex troubleshooting. In addition, we are using Stealthwatch to gain application awareness, which enables us to quickly identify and respond to unauthorized application usage.”

Jan 28, 2015

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