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Leaders in the technology industry cannot afford to make sacrifices when it comes to security. When working with reputable technology providers, users expect that their assets and data will remain protected from cyber-attacks, including even the most nefarious, targeted attacks lurking on the Internet today.

That is why technology powerhouses including Cisco, HP, VMware and many others have implemented Lancope’s StealthWatch System to keep their infrastructure and customers safe from online threats.

Benefits of StealthWatch for Technology Vendors:

  • Learn new behaviors/techniques hackers are using to breach networks
  • Detect anomalous activity within enormous and complex global networks
  • Identify malicious activity, including malware intrusions, APTs, zero-day and DDoS attacks, compromised machines, policy violations and network misuse
  • Store and analyze enormous amounts of data, enabling IT teams to accelerate forensic investigations
  • Obtain the security context needed for fast, efficient incident response
Jan 28, 2015

Join this educational webinar to learn strategies for managing the insider threat problem from both a business and technical point of view and hear different techniques for identifying suspicious activity in large...