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Learning Network License

The Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Network License embeds security into the network infrastructure to improve visibility and threat detection for branch offices. The solution turns the Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Router (ISR) into a security sensor to monitor branch traffic with NetFlow, NBAR, machine learning, and packet capture. Enabling traffic monitoring to be done at the branch, this solution provides faster detection and response for branch network threats. The Stealthwatch Learning Network License can be used alongside Stealthwatch to gain superior protection from network core to edge. 

By turning the customer’s 4000 Series ISR into a security device, the Stealthwatch Learning Network License enables users to:

  • Obtain in-depth visibility across the branch network without impacting network performance
  • Accelerate detection of branch-level threats by enabling packet capture and processing to be done right at the branch
  • Use machine learning to improve branch office protection and incident response
  • Mitigate threats directly from the 4000 Series ISR by instructing the router to drop suspicious packets
  • Achieve cost-effective, scalable deployments across thousands of branch devices
  • Extend Network as a Sensor to the branch 

The Stealthwatch Learning Network License monitors branch traffic, applications, users, and devices to provide granular insight into branch network activity – including lateral movement between branches. Intelligent sensors are embedded directly onto the 4000 Series ISR to baseline traffic patterns and detect and report on anomalies. Administrators can monitor and easily adjust security policies for all branches from one, centralized management console. The Stealthwatch Learning Network License can also mitigate threats directly from the 4000 Series ISR.

As traffic is monitored and actions are taken to minimize threats, the Stealthwatch Learning Network License learns from the network and from previous administrative decisions. It uses this intelligence to automatically apply policies and make decisions regarding similar traffic types in the future, while still allowing for manual control. The balance of automated and manual control allows administrators to fine-tune branch security for maximized protection.

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