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SLIC Threat Feed

Draw upon global threat intelligence to obtain an additional layer of protection from botnets and other sophisticated attacks.

The Stealthwatch Labs Intelligence Center (SLIC) Threat Feed collects data on real-world attacks and correlates it with suspicious network behavior to deliver additional protection against the top threats lurking online.   


Advanced Botnet Protection

The SLIC Threat Feed offers advanced botnet detection, continuously monitoring customer networks for thousands of known C&C servers and adding new botnets to its radar as they are identified in the wild. From there, Stealthwatch generates alarms and Concern Index™ events to flag these communications for administrators so they can be swiftly mitigated.

Enhanced Security Context

Combining real-time intelligence on threats from criminal organizations with insight on suspicious network activity allows Lancope to uniquely provide information around the full security incident. This enhanced security context enables early threat detection and improved incident response. 

Optimal Efficiency

Using their existing Stealthwatch appliances, customers can choose to add the SLIC Threat Feed license to their deployment to automatically pull in updated threat information on an hourly basis. Customers do not have to worry about collecting their own threat intelligence from other point solutions and inputting it into Stealthwatch. Instead, the threat feed is continuously delivered via a compressed, encrypted communication channel for optimal security and efficiency.