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Stealthwatch Management Console Illustration

Stealthwatch Management Console


Obtain pervasive network visibility and actionable security intelligence through a single pane of glass.

With the Stealthwatch Management Console (SMC), administrators can easily view, understand and act upon a plethora of network and security data all through a single interface. Snapshot views and sophisticated drill-down capabilities provide the exact level of information you need exactly when you need it. Dynamic querying, customized reports and intuitive visualizations of network data enhance the advanced threat detection capabilities of the Stealthwatch System, helping to decrease the time between problem onset and resolution.

StealthWatch Dashboard screenshot

Centralized management, configuration and reporting

The SMC manages, coordinates and configures Stealthwatch appliances deployed at critical segments throughout the enterprise. Available as a physical or virtual appliance, the SMC enables instant data correlation, traffic visualization and consolidated reporting so that administrators can detect and prioritize security threats, pinpoint network misuse and performance issues, and manage incident response – all from a single control center. Along with flow export technologies, the Stealthwatch System can also collect data from other types of technologies including firewalls, web proxies, IDS/IPS and NAC systems.

Graphical, customizable views of network behavior

Advanced graphics and customizable views of network activity deliver unique insight to help network and security teams understand traffic patterns and identify deviations from normal network behavior. Administrators can view high-level details, or choose to drill down into alarms, security event details, host-level views and more for fast, efficient troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

Provides value to network, security and other IT teams

The Stealthwatch Management Console (SMC) provides a single vantage point for disparate IT groups to see contextual information about all activity across the network and to investigate it accordingly. This leads to a more collaborative and streamlined approach to network defense. The SMC empowers the security team to proactively identify threats on the network that could lead to data breaches, while the network team can see details such as router interface statistics, top talkers and trending reports to help with performance monitoring and capacity planning. Comprehensive network intelligence dramatically reduces the need for the time-consuming and resource-intensive manual analysis often associated with other solutions.


“The Stealthwatch Management Console is incredible. I love the way that you can just slice and dice information and right click and get different flow reports from endpoint to endpoint. The analytical capabilities are awesome.

AirTran Airways
  Network Security
User identity tracking X X
Flexible deployment options, including virtual X X
Quick root-cause analysis, troubleshooting X X
Relational flow maps X X
NAT stitching X X
Custom dashboards X X
Custom reports X X
Automated blocking, remediation or rate limiting X X
Top N reports for applications, services, ports, protocols, hosts, peers and conversations X X
Traffic composition breakdown X X
Customizable user interface based on Point-of-View technology X X
Support for multi-gigabit and large-scale MPLS network environments X X
Advanced flow visualization X X
Massive scalability X X
Combined internal and external monitoring X X
Capacity planning and historical traffic trending X  
WAN optimization reporting (Limited functionality with sFlow) X  
DSCP bandwidth utilization X  
Worm propagation visualization   X
Internal security for high-speed networks   X


  SMC 500 and 1010* SMC 2010*
Network Management Port — 1; 10/100/1000 Copper
Database Capacity 1 TB (RAID-6 Redundant) 2 TB (RAID-6 Redundant)
Hardware Platform R630
Hardware Generation 13G
Rack Units (Mountable) 1U
Power Redundant 750W AC, 50/60 Hz
Auto Ranging (100V to 240V)
Heat Dissipation 2,891 BTU per hour maximum
Dimensions Height: 1.68 in. (4.3 cm)
Width: 17.08 in. (43.4 cm)
Depth: 27.25 in. (69.2 cm)
Weight 41 lb (18.6 kg)
Rails Sliding Ready Rails with Cable Management Arm

• FCC (U.S. only) Class A
• DOC (Canada) Class A
• CE Mark (EN55022 Class A, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN60950)
• VCCI Class A
• UL 1950
• CSA 950

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 FlowCollectors Concurrent Users Reserved Memory CPUs
1 Up to 2 4 GB 2
Up to 3 Up to 5 8 GB 3
Up to 5 Up to 10 16 GB 4