Clark County Nevada

The key features and functionalities of Cisco Stealthwatch that Clark County Nevada uses: combat insider threats, identify malware and APTs, prevent ransomware attacks, improve network performance, conduct forensic investigations, proactively hunt for threats on the network, prevent DDoS attacks, and enforce policy.


Clark Country Nevada deployed Cisco Stealthwatch to gain visibility into the following:

  • Data centers
  • Access
  • Edge
  • Core
  • User data
  • Virtualized infrastructure


Clark County Nevada uses Cisco Stealthwatch for the following reasons:

  • Improve security efficacy
  • Reduce enterprise risk
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve regulatory compliance

Uses Stealthwatch to enable the following:

  • Detect threats faster
  • Secure more areas of the network
  • Illuminate blind spots in the network
  • Reduce mean time to dwell for threats on the network
  • Accelerate incident response
  • Improve forensic investigations
  • Use the network as a sensor
  • Use the network as an enforcer

Rates their experience with Stealthwatch's proposed benefits to be as follows:

  • Simple, easy to use: very strongly agree
  • Open, easy to integrate: agree
  • Automated, reduces manual work: very strongly agree
  • Effective, enhances security: very strongly agree
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On the first day Stealwatch was operating, we detected and solved two chronic issues that plagued our network team for months.

Jared Hansen, Supervisory Network Analyst