Miami Dade County


Purchased Lancope because it is differentiated from competitive products in the following areas:

  • User centric monitoring
  • Flow analytics

Use Case

Is currently using Stealthwatch for:

  • Network analysis & visibility
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Network performance monitoring & diagnostics

Uses Stealthwatch with:

  • Firewalls
  • Full-packet capture system


The following are the greatest benefits of the internal visibility provided by Lancope Stealthwatch:

  • Earliest detection of advanced threats (APTs, malware, etc.)
  • Faster Incident response
  • Monitors individual user activity & mobile devices

Agrees that Stealthwatch's user/host-level information is critical for the following:

  • Security
  • Performance monitoring
  • Network troubleshooting

Rated Stealthwatch's effectiveness in the following areas:

  • detecting DDoS: effective
  • accelerating incident response and forensics: effective
  • detecting advanced persistent threats: effective
  • detecting insider threats / Suspicious behavior: effective
  • detecting malware / zero-day attacks: effective

Saves hours per incident for determining Mean-Time-To-Identify threats and Mean-Time-To-Know root cause using Stealthwatch.

Rated how critical Lancope Stealthwatch is for the following:

  • Monitoring visibility: very critical
  • Improving security: very critical
  • Managing cyber security: critical
  • Responding to cyber threats : critical

Ranks Lancope's customer support as above average.

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[My favorite aspect of Stealthwatch is it gives an] overview of the network.

Jesus Lira, IT Manager