Saudi Post Improves Service and Security for 600 Locations

Founded in 1961, Saudi Post Corporation is the official postal service operator of Saudi Arabia, covering all cities and villages in the country. Based in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Post offers services for personal and business shipping, as well as government services including driver’s license and vehicle registration renewals. The organization’s network serves approximately 600 locations and more than 10,000 users.

Saudi Post began using Lancope’s Stealthwatch® System in early 2012 to collect and analyze NetFlow from around 500 exporters for improved network and security operations. The system allows the organization to collect flow data locally across its distributed architecture, while viewing, analyzing and managing the data through a centralized console. In addition to collecting NetFlow, Saudi Post can also obtain visibility into areas of the network that do not inherently support flow data by using the Stealthwatch FlowSensor, which combines behavioral analysis with deep packet inspection.

Lancope worked with IT solutions provider, Alternatives Technology Company, to implement Stealthwatch at Saudi Post, marking the first ever implementation of Stealthwatch in Saudi Arabia.

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StealthWatch enables us to know what is happening across our entire network 24/7 to facilitate faster decision making and streamlined troubleshooting

Anwar M. Bakhashwain, IT Operations Director